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Integrated Lignite Resource Information System (ILRIS)

ILRIS Project

(Funded by MOC)

  • Vision

    To be a trusted repository of lignite deposits of India and delivering information on Lignite resources to various stakeholders.

  • Mission

    Creation, implementation and maintenance of lignite resource database of our country from prognosticated to mine level resources, geological modeling, reclassification of Indian lignite resources as per UNFC guidelines, data storage into RDBMS, development of GIS web applications for providing technical and managerial information on lignite deposits of country through internet.

  • Objective

    To create, maintain, update and disseminate resource information on lignite deposits of India.

About Us

A Project on "Integrated Lignite Resources Information System" (ILRIS) was approved by Ministry of Coal during September 2004 for implementation by NLC India Limited. ILRIS is a computer oriented project involving collection of exploration data from different exploration agencies for creation, implementation and maintenance of lignite resource database of our country.

This project will facilitate providing Geological and exploration details about the lignite blocks mainly in three major states Viz. Tamilnadu, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Besides, it also provides Geo-spatial information through GIS web application.

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    Explored Lignite Blocks
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    Geological Reports Uploaded
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    Geological Models developed for Lignite Blocks
What we have done

in Numbers

A total of 200 Geological Reports pertaining to lignite blocks explored in parts of Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala and West Bengal were collected from various exploration agencies (GSI, MECL, DMG/R, CGM/G), out of which 185 Geological Reports (GR) were converted into soft copies and uploaded in the database. Executive Summary for 185 Geological Reports were prepared and uploaded in the database.

Geological model for 45 lignite blocks were prepared through Minex.

Additionally, 107 archival reports related to Mine Feasibility, Mining Plan, Gravity Survey, Remote Sensing, Geotechnical, Hydro-geological studies etc were converted into soft copy and uploaded in the database.

Fact & Figure

(Lignite Resources in India as on 01.04.2018)

Lignite Inventory Details(current year)

State Lignite Field Block Depth Category (in Million tons)
Measured Indicated Inferred Total
Previous years Lignite Inventory Reports

Geological Report - Exe. Summary

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